Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Lazy Saturday

Lazy days are sweet. You know those days, where you never once get in the car (or sometimes even out of your pajamas). Where you get the dishes done early and get to play some board games (or video games) with the kids. I must have read seven board books today and I loved every moment.

I sometimes feel as if I don’t get enough of those days anymore. Not that I’m complaining, really, but, contrary to the popular belief that being a stay at home mom makes you feel trapped and lonely, I miss the times when I could go three or four days without ever leaving the house. What can I say? My kids are good company.

We did go to the grocery store today, something I was hoping to avoid. There’s nothing like a refrigerator decked out in nothing but condiments and moldy cheese to provide a bit of motivation for an outing. It was good though. Not one of those four hour long, everyone’s cranky, exhausted and homicidal by the end of it, marathon shopping trips. I actually hadn’t known until today that a family of six could get into and out of Wal Mart in under two hours.

I wonder how many of these lazy days I’ll have when I start school. Won’t it only be worse when I’m in med school or, god forbid, residency? Maybe that’s what “they” meant when they said you can’t parent children and become a doctor without neglecting them somehow. I worry about it. I worry that they’re going to miss me, that they’re going to miss out, on video games with mom, on bedtime stories, on home cooked food for almost every meal. These are all things I’ve always taken pride in providing, as a stay at home mom and wanna be June Cleaver. It’s kind of hard, I guess to reset my priorities from just being the “perfect” mom, wife and housekeeper to being pretty good at those things and getting strait A’s too.

To be honest, I don’t think they’ll end up mistreated or ignored, but I do think I’m really going to miss those lazy days.

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